Baby Christine

Christine Lin is an actor, improvisor, and engineering consultant. Her acting career started in Chicago before taking her to New York City and currently Los Angeles. 

She was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and grew up in the northwest Chicago suburbs with her sister Cary, an endless source of entertainment

Christine started as many actors do: singing cartoon theme songs and orchestrating variety shows for unsuspecting parents at dinner parties. A self-overscheduling teen, Christine was involved in everything from BHS drama club to National Honor Society, Chinese school to volunteering as a student athletic trainer. She skipped lunch in favor of AP math and science classes and the occasional woodworking course.  

Christine went on to Duke University to learn about "sports" and the mysterious "south" as a pre-med Biomedical-Electrical Engineering double major. After completing ALL of her pre-med requirements, she spent a summer procrastinating MCAT studies when she finally realized she didn't want to be a doctor. Her parents were really cool about it saying, "That's fine. At least we tried." With her newfound freedom, Christine tacked on a religion minor, became general manager of her a cappella group, and was a resident advisor - named "Best Upperclassman RA of the Year!"

Christine and her dad

Christine began her working career at Abbott Laboratories in their Engineering Professional Development Program. After four assignments in Illinois, Arizona, and San Francisco Bay Area, she landed a job in validation engineering and still works in that field as a consultant. A left-brained job pairs very well with right-brained acting.

Christine's acting began in Chicago before she moved to NYC to make her Broadway debut as Zhao in David Henry Hwang's CHINGLISH after the Goodman Theatre's world premiere. Other memorable Chicago roles include Dewdrop in Qui Nguyen's SOUL SAMURAI, Miyoko in Braden LuBell's DAYS OF LATE, and Iphigenia in Caridad Svich's IPHIGENIA CRASH LAND FALLS ON THE NEON SHELL THAT WAS ONCE HER HEART (A RAVE FABLE) at Halcyon Theatre, where Christine is a board member. In March 2013 she received Halcyon's Iris Award for outstanding commitment to connecting Chicago communities and the arts.

Christine is also an alum of Stir-Friday Night! and wrote and performed in three reviews: Bubble Tea Party!, Rock Out With Your Wok Out!, and Horry Kow, That’s Lacist! In New York, Christine continued her love of comedy by improvising with indie teams around the city. 

On screen and in print, Christine can be seen in TV shows, indie dramas and commercials but is most often asked about her experience playing Pimp Lucius’ blind "escort" in R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet music video series, which was a fun and challenging shoot! (She did not get peed on.)

Christine likes sushi and ice cream (though not together), Tarantino and Lurhmann films (they'd be kick-ass and opulent together), and embarking on awesome adventures with friends and family. She feels at home with fellow practical dreamers and respect for those who grow in wonder and kindness with time. Christine is an avid cat-lover, currently fostering cats for The Cat's Meow Animal Rescue