Halcyon Theatre - Iris Award

March 8, 2013 - Halcyon Theatre's first fundraiser gala - Night of Flight - was a huge success! And Henry Godinez, Liz Griffiths and I were this year’s recipients of the Iris Award for outstanding commitment to connecting Chicago’s communities and the arts! 

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I did my first official Chicago play with Halcyon (Salman Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories) in 2007 and have acted and even directed with them ever since, so receiving the award really meant a lot to me. Halcyon is part of my theater family and history: it's where I started in Chicago and really what connected ME to the arts and to my community - the wonderful friends I've made through theater. I'm so grateful! 

Halcyon co-founders Jenn and Tony Adams presented the awards and had a special surprise for me - a note from playwright David Henry Hwang! (Excerpts below:)

Hi Christine! We were in pre-production for Chinglish at the Goodman, when I heard that this theatre called Halcyon had gotten a grant or something specifically to do a show with this amazing Asian American actress. I was like, “Really? When was the last time I heard of something like that happening? Like, never!” Then you came in to audition for Chinglish, and Leigh Silverman and I were smart enough to know blazing talent when we saw it. You became an invaluable part of that show, then when I saw you all warrior-woman and bad-ass in Soul Samurai at Infusion, I not only respected your talent, but was scared of you too. Which in some ways is even better.
“When it became clear we were going to Broadway, there was never any question but that we were going to ask you along. You made our show so much better, and I guess we changed your life too. You are a rock-solid talent, whip-smart, and noble of spirit. I look forward to our next artistic journey together. Congratulations, Christine. Although NYC has you now, I have a feeling that a big part of your heart still belongs to Chicago, and to Halcyon. Love, David"