2013 NBC & UCB Diversity Showcase - Finalist

I'm so excited to be a finalist for the 3rd annual NBC-UCB Diversity Scholarship where NBC sponsors one student for a full year of UCB classes! The UCB Training Center has a Diversity Program which includes meet ups, practice sessions, and scholarships throughout the year. 

The showcase is this Thursday August 22nd at 8pm! And tickets can be reserved here: http://newyork.ucbtheatre.com/shows/view/3224

I had a blast putting together my application video; it includes a clip from Stir-Friday Night's "Bubble Tea Party!" and first earned me a spot on the list of semi-finalists:

POST-SHOW UPDATE: The showcase went great! I met a lot of cool people and got $250 in class credit just for being a finalist! And congratulations to winner Mike Lane

As for my bits and pieces, I forgot the "bent penis" part (Mrs. Li will rise again!) but the song was FANTASTIC with fellow SFN! alum Shane Shariffskul on the piano and my sexy backup dancers Ann Marie Yoo and Cleo Gray. Overall I learned more about what worked and what didn't for me AND I'm now very interested in learning more about standup and characters after seeing so many others do such great stuff!

Congrats to us all!