IPHIGENIA...(A RAVE FABLE) at Halcyon Theatre

February - March 2011 - Halcyon Theatre's production of Caridad Svich's IPHIGENIA CRASH LAND FALLS ON THE NEON SHELL THAT WAS ONCE HER HEART (A RAVE FABLE)

Chicago Tribune’s 3-Star review (3 of 4 stars):

"...a transfixing vision of hell on earth, buttressed by Svich's fractured poetic voice and her unblinking laser gaze...the most assured and sophisticated production I've seen from Halcyon"

Inspired by Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis, Iphigenia sets out to escape destiny on a dangerous journey through a drug-torn Latin American dictatorship into the arms of glam-rocker Achilles.

Christine as Iphigenia, Adam Dodds as Achilles

Christine as Iphigenia, Adam Dodds as Achilles